Why everyone should watch 13 reasons why…

I guess it’s been a long time since I posted something . I was occupied with something or the other and just could find the right subject to talk about.

I’m glad I just found the right topic and the right time to speak my mind .

So I guess many of you have already watched and if not you might have heard about Netflix’s new tv series 13 reasons why .

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It talks about how depression can lead us to suicide and why it’s important to reach out to people we know if we feel something is wrong with them .

We are so occupied in our lives that we don’t have time for anybody else. 

Social media has made it easy for anyone to breech someone’s privacy and tarnish their image . We judge others every day and its so easy to talk ill about someone without even bothering to know the truth. Everybody enjoys some fun and gossip at some others expense .

We don’t even think twice before commenting on someone’s looks or believing the lies we hear about them .

It’s none of our business right?

Wrong. That’s where we forget that like us others have feelings too and its not “cool” to bully or dominate others.

Depression is a dark phase before we can realize it grips us tightly and it becomes extremely difficult to come out of it if you don’t have right amount of support and strong will. 

I remember when I was in that phase of my life when everything had just stood still and I couldn’t help but think about not waking up at all. It still terrifies me to think that I was thinking about hurting myself or even taking my own life. I was feeling so dead from inside that I couldn’t think if there will ever be anything good that could happen to me . I wanted someone to hear me out and I wanted to cry but I just couldn’t express my emotions to anyone.

I thank god that I had some amazing friends who tried to reach out to me when I had completely isolated myself and my mother who understood my silence and helped me heal .

If they would not be there with me I would not be living a healthy and happy life again.

It’s important to know that depression can happen to anyone . And how severe it can become depends on the person and how early it’s detected and noticed by the person or his near and dear ones .

It’s difficult to talk to the person who’s depressed and many of us think it’s probably there mood swing but 1 out of 10 times these frequent mood swings can be the sign of depression.

A person who’s depressed may not be willing to seek help that’s why it’s important that we talk to them about it and convince them for therapy and show them we care because that’s what matters the most.

Sometimes we may not need the whole world to love us. Maybe sometimes we just need one person to show us they care enough.

 Meanwhile do watch 13 reasons why if you haven’t. Its worth it.

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