When we’re not at peace with ourselves

Have you ever wondered what happens when we’re not happy with ourselves? I am sure everyone had experienced unexplainable mood swings and many a times we all must have been so fed up of everything around us that we picked up pity fights and arguments with people around us and regretted that later.

We all have been there at some point or the other . We’re confused beings and we’re always stuck between the dilemma of what we want and what we need. And often we’re stuck at places and situations which are completely opposite of where we imagined ourselves.

I must admit we all are facing many struggles daily and one of the most consistent one being the struggle with ourselves and our identity. 

As a girl who was always the all rounder and good at everything I had everything and more, I could ask for. But I was not happy from within. In my initial teenage years I was very conscious about the way I looked and had constant disbelief that I was not pretty like the other girls around me and I could never be one . 

You know when you’ve been this geeky teenager who is all sort of the’ideal student’ dealing with self image and disappointment over her looks . Not so good people around you use this tiny weakness of yours to let you down and shatter your confidence. And I had faced all of that and more. With the irritating and uncalled for judgement by your Indian relatives over your brown skin, not so pretty eyes hidden behind the round spectacles and much more . I and many others like me had to face from a very young age . And believe me guys, even worse than that are your ‘so called friends ‘ who constantly point out the things you’re insecure about and make  fun of it .

No one really does teach us how to deal with all of that. Nobody teaches the young girls that its okay to be not so perfect and have the ideal looks because it cannot dampen the girl that you’re from within . Nobody tells us that our brown color doesn’t signify that we are ugly and that we don’t need to whiten our bodies to be more attractive .Nobody tells us that our eyes are no less pretty even if we wear spectacles . And most importantly nobody tells us how to love ourselves and be at peace with it.

You’ve to learn all of that on our own and hence the struggle that comes with it .

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