The real relationship goals:

Ever since I have been using Instagram I came across a number of pages and profiles where people had posted pictures and videos where they clearly “seem to be in love”. Their friends have as usual commented with the famous #relationshipgoals hash tag. The pictures were no doubt beautiful but I can’t help but wonder if that’s what relationship goals are all about? 

They were definitely goals if I should know how to have an ideal instagram picture but I don’t think these pictures can define what relationships are all about.

In my opinion we should look at relationships around us for inspiration and consider them as ‘goals’.It can anyone; be it your friends who have been together for a really long time and are perfectly happy. It can be that old couple across the street who walk together in the park every morning.It can be that beloved cousin of yours who got married to his long time girlfriend . The examples are countless. 

Instead of portraying a perfect picture for the social media I think we must try to connect with the person who is in the picture at an emotional level and try to build a real bond and relationship.

You don’t have to upload a thousand pictures to prove the world that you’re a perfect couple, just prove to each other that you’re. 

Keeping up with each others tantrums and mood swings. Discussing your goals ,aspirations and dreams. Dealing with each others insecurities and fears and motivating them to do good despite all this is what relationships are all about.There are still several countless things which cannot be described .

I think we should form  relationships minus the filters. Then they’d  surely be worthy of being ‘relationship goals’.

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