How not to come across as a Creep !

Being a girl I am sure all of us at some point in our lives came across guys who were complete psychos and creeps. That being said I know there are a lot of genuine and decent guys out there who had been labelled as creeps without any fault of theirs. Since every girl once in a while go through some wired incidence on social networking platforms it becomes difficult to understand the difference between a good boy and a creepy boy!

So I have tried to make a list of things which guys sometimes do which makes them appear weird and “creepy”.

  • Never write your very first message to a random girl as ” you look so beautiful and lovely dear” I mean come on you don’t straight away say “dear” “babe” “baby” to a girl you don’t really know. It’s weird and annoying.
  • Please don’t like 8 or 10 years old pictures on Facebook of any unknown girl. It’s going to freak her out and it is a clear indication that your are stalking her.
  • Don’t try too hard to impress. Just be cool and please for the love of God don’t force yourself to write in English when you know you are not really good at it. Just write good even in Hindi for that matter because incorrect grammar and poor sentence formation will make her disinterested.
  • Try not to let your creativity overshadow your true self and by that I mean kindly refrain from using ‘ã’ ‘$’ ‘¢’ these characters in your profile name or username.
  • Not every girl is interested in knowing how many luxury cars you own or how many times you went aboard. If you genuinely want to know someone don’t intimidate them by showing off.
  • Also, please don’t spam her account by messaging her way to much. Chances are she might be busy or ignoring you , take the hint!

Also there is no need to like or comment on each and every picture she uploads if you have just started talking. It’s not going to put you in her good books.

Just stay cool and go with the flow; don’t try to rush things.

And for the girls, if a guy seems genuine and nice do give him a chance!

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