Why are we afraid of saying “I love you” ?

After seeing some major movies , t.v series , observing things around me and being through some personal experiences I have realised that we are actually afraid of saying the three magical words ‘I love you’.
Well, being in love is great and truly fulfilling. It gives you the feeling of being desirable and wanted. But the problem is that we can never know if we are actually in ‘Love’ with somebody. For some people including me, love is too great a feeling and it is extremely intimidating to actually believe that you really love somebody or somebody loves you. Sometimes being in love can also be confused with having a crush on somebody. But then you can get over a crush but you cannot get over the person you love.

I think some people are scared of love because love calls for a solid commitment which is not easy to give for most people. The epic and timeless love stories that we see ,read and listen has increased our expectations from love. Frankly, guys you can’t expect your story to be like that of Romeo & Juliet . In real world your story can’t always have a dramatic, sad or happy ending.
And also your story is unique because it’s yours.

The thing about love is you cannot decide when, how and with whom you will fall in love. And if you are with someone for a long time and you are still not sure if you really love them then, ask yourself,  if you still want to stay with them , if you wait to see them everyday, if you still like talking to them, if you know everything about them and still want to discover, if you cannot imagine sharing your food, problems and everyday gossips with anyone else then these little things are far better than saying I Love You!!❤

Also, love  causes heartbreaks and if someone had been through a bad relationship or if someone had been in one sided love they won’t consider giving love a second chance. They might resist the idea of it. Everyone has their own baggage and that’s okay! But just because it didn’t work out the first time or if someone didn’t love you back doesn’t mean that you will do the same with someone else too.

I know this feeling is scary but you should let yourself free to embrace it. When you do that all the pain and negativity will go away.Always give love another chance and don’t be too scared of saying ‘I Love You’ if you love that special person in your life it’s not going to freak them out! 😁😁

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  1. Nice post! apart from solid commitment i think people are afraid to say it because they don’t know for sure if it will be returned and no one wants to feel rejected.
    But I like the encouragement in this!


    1. That’s true, the only thing we fear the most is not being loved in return. But I think if know the other person way too long and we know we cannot imagine a day without them, then it’s time that we must express ourselves ! 😃

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