‘the catch’

Being in India I’m sure all of us have been fascinated by the larger than life romantic sagas shown in movies and t.v. series.
The romantic genre is such that we can’t help getting mesmerized by it. Every romantic story (most of the times) shows a boy trying hard to woo his lady love. He chases her, sernade for her and try every trick in the book to win her over and then , when that happens they both fall in love and live happily ever after.
We see these stories on the big screen ,on the television and every where else and no matter how unromantic we think we are and no matter how rubbish all that seems to us ; at some point  we do think “oh, I wish somebody loves me like that!”
We hope for our own fairytale love story and then ,a happily everafter.
But here’s ‘the catch’ happily ever after doesn’t exist in real life. We can find a person to fall in love with and spend the rest of our lives together but it will be unfair to expect that the journey would be smooth; there will be bumps along the way and we must be ready for that.
But before that we must realise that we will come across many guys who will make us believe that they truly love us and will try to sweep us off our feet and we may believe them and fall in love head over heels but not all will stick around forever. Some will and some won’t. So then, how do we know if we are falling in love the right person?
The truth is we can never know and that’s why we can never really escape a heartbreak. Love is a wonderful feeling and we cannot hold back ourselves from it for long . If someone breaks your heart you should cry a river once to pour out all the pain and then , get over it.  They say,”you have to kiss many frogs to finally find your prince!”
Remember that!

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