Finding Mr.Right…

Although the title of this blog may sound chessy and you might be wondering if I would give you tips about finding ‘the one’ for you, but no I’m not doing anything like that in this blog for now.
Its been a few days since I came across this post on a social networking site where one of the most popular girl of my school shared that she was dating this particular guy who happens to be the least popular guy when we were in  school. Although both of them were my seniors but I can very clearly say that these do were completely different from each other. I can also state that she would never had dated him back then, because you know , she had this image of being with only popular and happening folks. She had to her credit dating almost all the famous guys of our school. But when I see her now I think she has completely changed . Now she’s with someone because she loves him not because she has an image to maintain.
You know guys I think thats what being with the right person does. It makes you a better person. Well, most of us ,including me, we may not know how long we have to wait for our Mr or Ms Right . We may not know if we will ever meet them. So the best thing to do is to let things happen because  it’ll  happen  when it’s going to happen.

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