The charm of a gentleman

Every girl likes men who are gentlemen! And honestly speaking who wouldn’t? They show manners , they have a nice dressing nice and above all a charming personality that could please any girl for that matter.
Well I personally hadn’t had any particular kind of boy I would admire for quite sometime but now I think that I really have this thing for gentlemen and the so called ‘Man in uniform’ . I really admire people who have ambitions and goals in life, who strive to differ, who want to do something with their lives because that’s what I want to do .
But apart from all that, I think we ladies like men who are well-dressed . Taking example of Barney Stinson from one of the most famous tv series of all time ‘how I met your mother’ (although I didn’t like most of the characteristics of his character )
The only thing I liked about him was the fact that he was always well-dressed or I should say he was always ‘suit-up’ for every damn occasion! And that was awesome! (Lol :p)
He might not be an appropriate example for true gentleman but he gets full points for dressing up ! 
Well , I remember back in school there was this senior boy I used to admire. He was an exceptionally talented student, in short he was an all rounder . The best student of our school. And the nicest thing about him was that he was extremely grounded and humble. And till now I have huge respect for him. (although I also have this huge crush on him too :p like a fangirl Lol! )
And speaking of the Man in uniform…I really admire army officers . They have such a nice uniform with all the badges . These men have their own charm I think .
So in short a gentleman with suit is the perfect combination to win any lady’s heart! (well , atleast most of the lady’s heart)

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