The thing about being on the hook!

So, yesterday I was watching ‘how I met your mother’. What a lovely T.V series it is!( Coming back to the point ) .There was this particular episode in which it was shown how Ted Mosbey was ‘on the hook’ of this girl and how she was never ready to commit to him but was just taking him along the way. I felt bad for him at that point, but then when I thought about this concept of ‘being on the hook’ I realized that it totally applies in the real world too!
In one way or the other if we closely observe we’re on someone’s hook all the time if we clearly see that,I know this sounds terrible. But the sliver lining is knowingly or unknowingly we also have someone on our hook at any point of time.
So as Barney had said in HIMYM we always keep someone on our hook because it gives us a sense of desirability , it makes us feel wanted and cool. So, quite often although we don’t realize it we never ‘clearly’ tell someone we don’t have feelings for them if he/she tell us that they have feelings for us.
There was this particular situation back in my school time when I used to like this boy he was quite popular in school and he had a charming personality. Although we were good friends but he kind of knew that I liked him but then he never told me that he didn’t  have any feelings for me whatsoever and I couldn’t figure that out either until recently that he was just keeping me on the hook!
But then I also realized now that I also had this particular boy on my hook for quite some time because I liked the idea that someone liked me and moreover it gave  me confidence and self boost (this excuse is not good enough though)
So for now as I am off the hook of boy 1 I have let go of boy2 off my hook. (Lol!)
But seriously speaking, as I have observed- The very first explanation of doing that is because we genuinely don’t wish to hurt them.And the other explanation is that we wish to keep them on our hook because everyone likes to feel wanted!
There’s nothing bad in it because each one of us is or has been on someone’s hook at some point of time if we can clearly see. 

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