Am I heartless?

I am usually not emotionally vulnerable and whenever I feel weak emotionally I reaffirm myself that I just got to be strong and have to show a brave face. And therefore I have many a times suppressed my feelings and emotions. Those who know me think I am a non romantic , they think I am just not made for love and romance etc. Well, actually its not their fault  they think that because I always remain firm and hence never fall for anyone. Hence , they sometimes call me a heartless human being. Am I one? I don’t think so. I am just too afraid of getting hurt in the first place , I am afraid of being abandoned, I am afraid of being heartbroken. I know if I get attached to a person then it will be difficult for me to let go and move on. I also know that being completely detached is doing me no good but then, I don’t know any better way.

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